An Optimized Website Increases The Value Of Your Business

3 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to be Optimized.

internet marketing torontoAre you considering SEO to help aid in your online marketing initiatives? These 3 reasons should help solidify your reason to get started as soon as possible

Increasing your websites traffic is not the only reason a business should consider SEO. I have always told my clients that there are 3 reasons why every business should optimize its website. Here goes:

1. Increase in Website Traffic = Increase in Leads/Sales

The most obvious reason is that it helps increase traffic to your site resulting in higher generation of leads or sales. It’s no secret; everyone is searching Google (even Yahoo and Bing) when looking for a product or service. Businesses that are not on the first page of keywords related to their business are in fact facing massive opportunity costs. This loss of business is simply going to your competitors. (At least someone is benefiting)

2. Be Professional and Reputable! Stand Out as an Industry Leader.

There is a reason why most search engine users don’t go past the first page. Other than the notion that search engine users are restricted with time or just lazy (including me), we naturally feel that the best companies are on the first page and we will simply find the best in what we are looking for.

3. Increase the Value of your Business.

Before we start, any business who is renting a website should call us immediately. There is no reason at all to rent a website; they have just become too affordable for any business to not own one. A website is a business asset, maybe the only business asset whose value does not depreciate. So why would you rent, it’s not like you will need a mortgage to own your own website (at least if you buy one from G Web Pro). In fact there is ways to increase the value of your website. Regular maintenance and I’m sure you have already guessed, effective SEO will increase the value of your website, hence your business. If you are wondering HOW then I have a very simple answer for you. A website which ranks on the first page for keywords related to the business and has high traffic will have the advantage of capturing greater sales or leads. If I were to purchase a business, I would definitely pay more for one which has an optimized site with high website traffic. This is why we believe a website and SEO is an asset which generates income.

In case any business would like to have their website valued, please feel free to email us at We specialize in website valuation and website appraisals, our expertise and experience will provide a third party valuation to your website.

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